Unwatchable Returns!

It’s been two years since I began my quest to watch and review every movie on the IMDb Bottom 100 list, and though my mission has been derailed several times (first by the demise of the Screengrab, and then by no really good reason other than always finding something I’d rather be doing), I’m determined to complete it now. Behold the first new Unwatchable post in many a moon, #29: Seed. I’m going to try to keep to a more or less weekly schedule from here on, but don’t hold me to it…

April Fools

I miss Nerve’s late, lamented film blog The Screengrab for many reasons, especially on a day like this, when I realize I don’t have an outlet for my really lame April Fool’s Day pranks. So instead, I’ll just link to my classic ’08 and ’09 efforts:

Scorsese to Direct Final Harry Potter Film

Waterworld Sequel Washes Ashore

The Top One Movie of the Week

Here’s a new feature debuting today at Nerve: The Top One Movie of the Week, in which Andrew Osborne and I debate the best choice for your weekend viewing based on trailers, track records and our own special brand of speculative nonsense. This should be fun, however it does pain me to inform you that this new format will be replacing the weekly movie review I’ve been writing for the past year or so. I’m looking for a new reviewing gig, so if you’re in the market for a thoughtful, reliable film cricket, I’m your man! Hit the “About” page for my contact info.