Caprica and other TV stuff

I’m covering the low-rated Battlestar Galactica spinoff Caprica for The A.V. Club’s TV section. The season so far:

Things We Lock Away
False Labor

I’ve also written about these other shows:

The Kilborn File
Last Comic Standing
Confessions: Animal Hoarding
Hard Knocks

Top One Movies of the Weeks

And now, a series of posts in which I catch this blog up on stuff I’ve written in the past couple of months. First, the Nerve column once known as The Top One Movie of the Week, and then as The One Movie You Should See This Week, which was written by myself and Andrew Osborne, and will henceforth be written by each of us separately in alternating weeks. Did that make any sense? I thought not.

10/21: Paranormal Activity 2, Hereafter, Inhale

10/14: Jackass 3D, Red, Conviction

10/07: Life As We Know It, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Nowhere Boy

9/30: Let Me In, Freakonomics, The Social Network

9/23: Buried, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger

9/16: The Town, Catfish, Never Let Me Go