Five Reasons We Want Mad Max Back


I originally wrote this for the late, lamented Screengrab nearly four years ago. But with Mel Gibson’s craziness back in the news, and rumors that the fourth Mad Max movie may finally go into production soon, I have resurrected this post with the help of the Wayback Machine.

Two action heroes in hibernation since the ’80s have recently awoken, claimed their AARP discount cards and gone back to work on the big screen, but a third remains in retirement. We now know there’s still an audience for Rambo and (especially) Indiana Jones, even if their respective returns have been met with a tepid critical reaction. Of course, we already knew that nostalgia is one of the most powerful elements on the periodic table, which would be reason enough for the Powers That Be to bring Mad Max out of cold storage. But after taking another look at The Road Warrior recently, I think our old favorite wanderer of the wasteland has a little more to offer than a rehash of the glory days. Here are five reasons why I’d shell out my hard-earned cash for Mad Max 4.
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