Time Travel

Welcome to the blog formerly known as Scott Von Doviak. Personally, I am still known as that, but given that I’ve neglected this sad corner of the blogosphere for some eight months, I figured it was about time for a relaunch. I’ve taken the name of the column I wrote for the late(?), lamented arts zine The High Hat – and what better way to kick it off than with the great lost installment of The Bottom Shelf? OK, I dunno how great it is, but it is “lost” in the sense that I wrote it a couple years ago for the thus far nonexistent tenth issue of The High Hat – ironically enough, conceived as the “time” issue. Recently there have been rumblings that the Hat will rise again, perhaps in an even more exciting form, but until that happens, I have other plans for The Bottom Shelf. Plans that will be announced here, hopefully sooner than later. Until then, and in dubious honor of today’s release of Hot Tub Time Machine, here is The Bottom Shelf: Time Travel.
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