On the road in October

OCT in progress

I hope you’ll come and see me if you’re in or near one of the above cities!

I talked Charlesgate Confidential with DigBoston in advance of my Harvard Coop signing.

BookReporter says “Von Doviak captures perfectly the dialogue, mood and mores of each of the eras that comprise his tale. There is also a fine bit of symmetry at the end on a number of levels, providing a perfect conclusion to a caper that never overstays its welcome.”

Unlawful Acts says “every page is a greased pan of pure reading pleasure… Charlesgate Confidential just plain works, and I felt constantly caught between my desire to race through it and my desire to savor it in little bites and save it up for days like a child’s dessert.”

Did you know Charlesgate Confidential is “the feel-good hit of the autumn“?