Did I Really See That, Too?

It’s time now for another edition of Did I Really See That?, the beloved blog feature in which I dip into the vast archive of reviews I wrote about movies I can no longer remember seeing. Not only do I have no memory of seeing these three movies, I’m not even convinced they actually exist. But surely no one paid me to write reviews of nonexistent movies, although that would be a great gig if I could get it. I’ll just have to assume these are real.
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Alex Cox Double Feature

I always want to like the films of Alex Cox, but more often than not, it doesn’t work out that way. Maybe he gets a lifetime pass for Repo Man, or maybe I’m being too generous. This weekend I rented his two most recent features, one of which offers flashes of the good Alex Cox, the other of which should have him brought up on charges before a war crimes tribunal. (Yeah, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s the sort of overheated rhetoric Cox himself is prone to deploying in his weaker efforts.)
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Did I Really See That?

I reviewed hundreds of movies for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, most of which are no longer online, so it’s perhaps understandable that I have absolutely no memory of seeing some of them. In this new semi-regular feature (part of my latest desperate attempt to revive this blog), I will exhume some of these forgotten reviews from my archives, starting with three indies I don’t remember watching.
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