Wayback Wednesday: Sequels from Hell Part 2

I have written many reviews that have long since disappeared from the interwebs. On Wayback Wednesday, I bring them back. Last time, I did sequels nobody asked for. This week is the sequel to that.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
82 min, PG-13 (crude and sex-related humor, and for language)
Grade: * (1 out of 5)

Dumb and Dumberer is perhaps the most ill-conceived attempt at extending a franchise since the Pink Panther movie that was stitched together from outtakes after Peter Sellers died. It’s not too late – New Line Cinema can still destroy all the existing prints of this fiasco and instead release a behind-the-scenes documentary on the decision-making process that led to its creation. That would surely be ten times funnier, and they could even keep the title.
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