Hey, it’s 2019


It’s been a while! I’ve done another revamp of this here blog in preparation for life after Charlesgate Confidential, but for now I have some catching up to do.

  • The paperback edition will be released in September 2019!
  • A new column called The Hard Case Crime Files kicks off with a review of Charlesgate Confidential. “Von Doviak’s prose itself is very punchy, and very hard not to engulf in one sitting…You have your thrills, your crime, your stylish action set pieces, and best of all, you get a contained, satisfying single read.”
  • Anthony R. Cardno writes “Charlesgate Confidential is an excellent addition to the Hard Case Crime line, and a great example of how the genre can be reimagined for modern audiences, renovated like the titular building to accommodate new voices and styles while retaining what makes it classic and dependable.”
  • Finally, if you are attending Bouchercon this fall and have received an Anthony Awards ballot, please consider nominating Charlesgate Confidential for best first novel!