Reviews, book tour and more


People (and pets) are loving Charlesgate Confidential!

Criminal Element says “Charlesgate Confidential is what happens when storytelling skills meet a love for pulp and a knack for dialogue. Von Doviak knows what he’s doing, and the way this novel unfolds is proof of that…Entertaining, humorous, and packed with snappy dialogue, Charlesgate Confidential is a superb addition to Hard Case Crime’s catalog and a recommended read that proves pulp is alive and as good as ever.”

Morning Star Online says “Von Doviak’s first novel, mysterious and playful, is a great entertainment.”

The Dreamcage says “It’s no secret. I think Charlesgate Confidential is the single (or should that be triple) best crime novel I have read in a long, long time…full of twists and turns, with a level of intelligence to the writing that hooked me from the start.”

The book tour is underway and my next stop is Murder by the Book in Houston, TX! Join me at 1 PM on Saturday, September 29th and pick up your signed copy.

Although I try to keep up with this blog, your best bets for late-breaking news are my Facebook author page and my Twitter account.

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