Questions in a world of blue


Every answer Twin Peaks delivers seems to raise three more questions, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The show is not a puzzle to be solved, but a seemingly perpetual self-generating mystery machine. With only the two-hour finale left, some form of “closure” is on the way, but what that will look like is anyone’s guess. I have my own wish list (super-secret Michael Ontkean cameo, perhaps?), but it doesn’t matter; this has been by far the most thrilling TV viewing experience I can remember, even in those weeks where it seemed like nothing was really happening at the time. I’m on board for wherever Lynch and Frost bring us in for a landing, but just for fun I thought I’d look back on as many of the outstanding mysteries I can remember and put my odds on whether they’ll be resolved or not.

Original Series

How’s Annie? This was the question the big cliffhanger left us with 25+ years ago, but in truth, it doesn’t seem like anyone really cares. She’s been mentioned once this season by Hawk, and that’s it. I imagine Coop would at least ask Norma about her (she was Norma’s sister, remember?), but then again, Norma told her suitor she didn’t have any family, so maybe that’s all the answer we’re going to get. Resolved? NO.

Where’s Donna (and the other absent cast members)? I don’t know that we’re going to get any mention of Donna at all. We’ve seen her father (via Skype) and her sister (tweaked out in the woods), with not a word about her. Jack Nance is dead, of course, and I think Mark Frost’s book had Pete dying in the bank explosion, but I’m still waiting on some reference to him or at least a dedication in the credits. I’m assuming Catherine has died in the intervening time, since Piper Laurie didn’t come back. I guess Leo got eaten by spiders. These seem like loose ends for Frost to tie up in his follow-up novel. Resolved? NO.

What happened to Audrey? We know she went into a coma after the bank explosion. We don’t know if she’s still in it, or in a mental institution, or somewhere in the Lodge realm, or what. I definitely expect to find out a little more about this. Resolved? YES…to a point.


Fire Walk with Me

What happened to Chester Desmond? We saw him reaching for the ring, and if he put it on, I’m guessing he ended up somewhere in the Black Lodge. Doubt we’ll see him. RESOLVED: NO

Who is Judy? Still relevant! Evil Coop wants to know. He has what may or may not be the right coordinates. I do think we’ll find this out. RESOLVED: YES

The Return

The Fireman’s message to Coop. The very first scene of the revival: the figure we had known as the Giant tells Coop “Listen to the sounds. It is in our house now. It all cannot be said aloud now. Remember: 430. Richard and Linda. Two birds with one stone. You are far away.” I assume Richard is Richard Horne, but he’s dead now (I think), so I dunno. Maybe he had a twin, Linda? Two birds with one stone? I feel like we’ll see this scene again. RESOLVED: Ehhh…sort of.

Carel Struyckenin a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Carel Struyckenin a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Where’s Laura? She got sucked out of the Lodge in Part 2 and Leland told Coop to find her. I do think we’ll see her again – maybe she’s Judy or maybe she’s just a force of light sent by the Fireman to counter whatever force of darkness is going on behind Sarah Palmer’s face. (And while we’re at it, what did Laura whisper to Coop right before she disappeared?) RESOLVED: YES

Who called Evil Coop? This was also back in Part 2, where Evil Coop sets up some FBI equipment in the motel room and gets a call from someone he thinks is Jeffries at first. But it’s someone else who says “You’re going back in, and I will be with Bob again.” Who has been with Bob before? As far as we know, only Leland and Mike/The One-Armed Man, but he’s been helping Dougie/Good Coop, so…maybe that’s a doppelganger? RESOLVED: YES

What is the symbol on Evil Coop’s card? We’ve seen this a few times now – a black oval with two little horns. It was on Hawk’s map and the note from Major Briggs. It’s what Evil Coop is looking for, so…is it the Mother/Experiment – that thing from the glass box and the flashback to 1945? RESOLVED: YES


What’s the deal with Red and his magic coin? Remember this? Balthazar Getty’s drug lord flips a coin that hangs in the air a long time and freaks Richard Horne out. Is Red part of Evil Coop’s supernatural gang? He’s dating Shelly! That’s not good! I think we’ll see him again, but I’m not sure we’ll ever find out exactly what his deal is. RESOLVED: NO

What is happening with Sarah Palmer? Is she the little girl we saw in 1956 who swallowed the frog-moth? Are the forces of evil getting into her house through the painting in Laura’s room? How can she take her face off and bite a trucker to death? Is it possible to answer all these questions in the remaining two hours? RESOLVED: Who knows?


What is that sound in the Great Northern Hotel? We heard the sound again right before Coop woke up from his coma. Could this mean Audrey is somewhere in the hotel, still in a coma, ready to wake up? I had assumed the sound was Josie still haunting the hotel, but now I kind of doubt that. RESOLVED: Sure, why not.


What happened to the real Diane? If I’m reading this correctly, Evil Coop visited the real Diane several years after Coop’s disappearance, raped her, and took her to the convenience store where a tulpa was manufactured. That leaves the question of what became of real Diane. Did Evil Coop kill her? Did she end up trapped in the Lodge? Was she expelled when the tulpa returned? Is she somehow now an eyeless Asian woman in the sheriff’s station jail? (That woman is listed in the credits as Naido, which is O DIAN backwards.) RESOLVED: YES


Will there ever be another season of Twin Peaks? I guess we need to see how it wraps up to know if there’s any possibility of this, but I’m already in denial about this thing coming to an end. Given how long it took to put this one together and the age of Lynch and much of the cast, not to mention the cult-level TV ratings (although the streaming numbers have been good, from what I understand), it doesn’t look too likely. And this was a gift I never thought I’d get, and has already exceeded my wildest dreams, so it seems greedy to want more…but I do! Or if not, someone give Lynch the money to make a completely new show, won’t you? RESOLVED: ???????



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