Summer Reality

Summer is upon us, which means it’s time for the networks and basic cable channels to start churning out cheaply-made reality shows to fill the holes on their schedules. Here are my AV Club reviews of three that debuted recently:

Dogs in the City — “Although the title suggests a comedy about four fun-loving, sexually adventurous canines in Prada collars on the loose in Manhattan, Dogs in the City is actually a summer reality series about people and their pets, and the “dog guru” who helps solve their problems.”

Mountain Men — “In hopes that America’s appetite for beard-oriented entertainment has not been sated by three successive nights of Hatfields & McCoys—and presumably having run out of swamp people willing to be followed day and night by camera crews—the History Channel takes to the mountains in order to document the exploits of three hirsute individuals who have chosen to live off the land.”

Cajun Justice — “Just when you thought the reality swamp had been drained dry, along comes this new A&E series set deep in the bayous of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.”


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