Top 10 LOST Twists

Whoops, I promised to do a list of my Top 10 Lost twists, didn’t I? Well, this probably isn’t it, because I’m sure a few things slipped my mind. But here’s ten I can think of! And most of them are pretty good.

1. The first flash-forward (“Through the Looking Glass”)

Maybe I only put this in first place because I actually figured it out pretty early in the episode, but either way, it was still quite the mind-melting moment. We have to go baaack!!!!

2. Locke’s secret (“Walkabout”)

By the end of this first-season episode, we really knew we were watching something different, as it was revealed that the island’s man of action had been confined to a wheelchair before the crash.

3. Locke really is dead (“The Incident”)

Locke’s lonely death at Ben’s hands was pretty horrific, but since we could see that Locke had somehow resurrected himself on the island, at least it wasn’t permanent…right? Wrong. We’d spent half the season watching the Smoke Monster in Locke’s form without even realizing it.

4. The Red Sox win the World Series (“The Glass Ballerina”)

Perhaps the most improbable development in all of Lost history, although it takes place off-island and Sox fan Jack doesn’t learn about it until Ben plays him a tape of the final out. We only hope Jack was home long enough to see Boston win it again in 2007, otherwise his story is truly a tragedy.

5. Oceanic 815 lands safely in Los Angeles (“LA X”)

Despite a little turbulence over the South Pacific (in fact, directly over a very familiar-looking but now sunken island), the flight from Sydney carrying Jack, Kate, Locke and the rest arrives safely at its final destination. In some other universe, anyway.

6. Sayid shoots young Ben (“He’s Our You”)

If you could go back in time and kill Hitler as a child, would you do it? Sayid would! But alas, as Faraday told us over and over again, you can’t change the past, and whatever happened, happened.

7. Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby (“Two For the Road”)

Who had worn out their welcome more by this point, Michael or Ana Lucia? Tough call, but sadly, Libby was collateral damage.

8. The Smoke Monster is a man, baby (“LA X”)

A lot of people figured this one out ahead of time, but the reveal was still pretty cool.

9. The wreckage of Oceanic 815 is discovered (“Confirmed Dead”)

Wha? So they really have been dead all this time? Or is this a parallel universe? Nope, just a fake – a very expensive fake (filled with actual dead bodies) planted to divert investigators from finding the actual crash site: the island.

10. Locke is in the coffin (“There’s No Place Like Home”)

I must be out of twists, because most of us figured this one out about a season earlier.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 LOST Twists

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  2. You’re the expert, but nothing on the series ever made me go “Whoa!” quite like the opening of Season Three, with the first glimpse of the fake-suburban comforts of the Others’ camp and the crash of Oceanic 815 as seen from their point of view.

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