Unwatchable Lives! For Now…

Later this week, the final Screengrab installment of Unwatchable will go online. (I won’t reveal the movie yet, but it looks like a doozy.) Is this the end of Unwatchable? Well, not quite yet. Although I have yet to find a new home for the feature, I have created a new home for it in the form of the Unwatchable blog. I’ll be putting up links to all the archived Unwatchable archives and then I will continue the countdown…but there’s a catch! I need your help! Which is to say, I need your money! Come on, you expect me to do this for free? I’ve received a couple donations already, and of course, you’re under no obligation. But hey, if you’ve enjoyed the series and you’d like to see it through to its completion, why not drop a buck or two in the tip jar?


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