Star Trekkin’

Yeah, I was a Star Trek kid. Sure, I had my flirtations with Yodas and whatnot, but my heart was always with the USS Enterprise. This was way before DVD, so I’d watch the reruns when I could, but I also had all the novelizations. And sadly, not only the novelizations of the live-action episodes, but the novelizations of the cartoon series! So that’s where I’m coming from, but let me be clear that I’m an original series guy. I never got into all the spinoffs. The Next Generation had its moments, but I never bothered with all the others – it just seemed like they’d run the whole thing into the ground not once, but many, many times.

But hey, time passes and nostalgia never sleeps, so Star Trek is back. You may have heard about this. I have seen it and here’s my review.


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