Some Like It Hoth

Am I the only one who’s enjoying this season of Lost more than any since the first?  They’ve gotten up to a lot of nonsense over the past few years, but the particular brand of nonsense they’re up to now is right in my wheelhouse.  I hope when the eventual DVD set is released, it contains a detailed documentary on how they charted out the season, which is some kind of structural marvel.  I’m not one of those who thinks the creators have plotted out the entire series – actually, I think you’d have to be insane to believe that, as well as knowing nothing about how network television works – but I’m guessing by now they have a general idea where they’re heading – and this season in particular, with its multiple timelines and storylines and storylines within timelines and timelines within storylines…well, there must be a flow chart somewhere.  If they are completely winging it, I’m even more impressed.

If you gave up on Lost back when it was a show about a contemporary group of people who survived a plane crash on a tropical island, you might be surprised to learn that it’s now about  (among other things) a secretive ’70s cult/commune/scientific research facility on that same island – only, you know, earlier in time.  And that some of the contemporary characters are now living back in that time, while others are still living in our time on the island and others have left the island altogether, but will probably return sooner than later.  This season has dealt with all manner of time travel conundrums and has found ingenious ways of breathing new life into the series by teaming up the various characters in unexpected configurations.  To wit, last night’s episode, which focused on a minor but justifiably popular character, Miles (Ken Leung, Uncle Junior’s last friend on The Sopranos), who can talk to the dead (or at least read their dead minds) and who came to the island as part of a mission to…nah, it would be a big mistake for me to start down the road of relating the plot.  Suffice it to say that Miles and original cast member Jorge Garcia as Hurley have become the show’s go-to comedy team, and Some Like It Hoth was an enjoyable showcase for their act. It was also the show’s four brazillionth episode revolving around daddy issues, which explain everything in the world of Lost, but what can you do.

The past few episodes have also introduced yet another new faction (or perhaps a sub-faction of an existing faction, but that remains to be seen) in the ongoing battle for control of the island, and for now I’m intrigued with the mysterioso “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” element that’s been introduced, although you never know with this show. Could lead somewhere interesting…or a tree could suddenly fall on them all and kill them.

In other news, here’s the difference between flotsam and jetsam I promised you: “Flotsam” is floating wreckage or debris, whereas “jetsam” is stuff you throw overboard in hopes that your ship won’t become floating wreckage or debris.  It’s no wonder they’re often seen together.


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